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Did you know that the presence of litter strongly contributes to people littering? In addition to intentional litter, stuff blowing out of car windows, trash bins, and even out of garbage trucks contributes to the problem. We can help by using litter bags in our cars and by securely tying our trash bags on garbage day.


Do you know what the most littered item in the US and worldwide is?  Cigarette butts.  Those butts can contain over 4,000 different chemicals that are harmful to plants, animals, and even our drinking water.

Did you know that the majority of all littering is done intentionally by people who don’t look for a garbage can and carelessly throw garbage on the ground? Talk to your friends and family about litter and take the extra step to always throw your trash in a garbage can.  

The week of April 22nd to the 29th is the 11th Annual Help Make Rochester A Litter Bit Better! event. Sign up today at or call 254-8169. That’s 254-8169.


You can make our community just A Litter Bit Better!