Basically anything you are comfortable with purchasing and donating. Usually the US Marine Corps breaks down buying into gender and age groups i.e.:  Boys 0-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 and Teens! Same for girls. Our most needed categories are newborns and Teens.  They are a huge part of our giving and are always in need of gifts for the categories.  We do ask that the toys be new and not used because like everybody else, who likes a used toy. We ask that you do not wrap the gift because the paper usually gets torn in the transportation process. 

The toys we raise support almost every toy-giving organization in the city and S.E. Minnesota. The Children’s Hospital, Christmas Anonymous, Salvation Army , St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital,  Hiawatha homes,  Head start etc.  We are a non-profit team that devotes our time to those in need. There are a number of ways you can come together as a group and build the spirit of Christmas.  Some folks put up a Christmas tree as a constant reminder to put something underneath it.  Some have taken group trips to the store and broken into teams to purchase the items all at once.  Some use a teaching tool for there children by taking them to the store and explaining the process and including them in the toy purchase. What better input for a toy than a child’s input! Also, challenges inside the office with the person who raises the most toys getting a thank you prize.

Concerning cash, we try to keep our donations to toys, but if someone is unable to donate a toy we will accept cash or checks made out to “Toys for Tots”.