Home Security is More Important Than Ever

A few years ago, someone broke into my wife's car that had been sitting in the driveway. it was about 5am when this guy and his girlfriend had been driving around the neighborhood, stealing from people's cars. At the time, we didn't have a security system with cameras installed. Luckily for us, our son was home and leaving to go to work when he caught the guy and put him in a headlock until the police got there to arrest him and his girlfriend. We realized things could have gone much worse. You never know, in those situations.

So, we decided to get a camera system from one of the big box stores. The kind with the rechargeable batteries. We realized what a mistake that was when it kept going off if the leaves on the trees blew. It got to the point where you just ignore the notification because it kept going off every 2-3 minutes. You can set the sensitivity on them but then they wouldn't pick up ANYTHING. Not to mention it would drain the battery within a few days and you'd have to change it out again and again.

We decided we had enough and made the call the Custom Alarm in Rochester and it was the best decision we made. Not only do we have cameras installed and hard wired into the system but we have a whole home monitoring system. Complete with door notifications. The door notifications are just a tone that goes off to let you know a door is open when you're home and the system isn't armed. That's a HUGE plus for us as we have a grandson that is VERY fast and always looking to go outside. As soon as the chime goes off, we know a door is open.

They also installed glass breaking monitors throughout the house just in case someone were to try to break in that way and the system was off. It would notify the call center and they would have the police check it out. Another big plus for us is the CO2 and fire detectors. If there's an instance of either, it notifies us AND the fire dept.

The best thing about the security system from Custom Alarm is it works with an app on your phone too. You can arm and disarm the system (if you leave and forget to do it on the wall mounted control center) right on the app. Not only that, you can lay out the "ground zone" so your camera isn't picking up a car that drove by or someone walking on the sidewalk.

Plus, my wife and I like to travel...a LOT....you can monitor the cameras live from your phone and it saves videos to the cloud, should you need them later. We no longer need to get someone to watch our house when we go away. It's all taken care of.

This is an incredible system and well worth the money for peace of mind. We're so much happier and more secure now.

The techs were amazing, thorough and courteous and Brandon with Custom Alarm came to our house and laid out the perfect plan for us. Having this system is a life saver.

Custom-alarm.com and on Facebook or call them 507-288-5522

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