Tyreek Hill Facing Lawsuit Filed By Influencer

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Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is being sued by an influencer Sophie Hall who alleges that he fractured her leg with "crushing force" during a football lesson that took place in his backyard.

Hall, 35, is suing Hill, 29, for battery, assault and negligence and is seeking more $50,000, claiming she was knocked to the ground with force that caused her to undergo reconstructive surgery after the alleged incident, which reportedly took place last June, according to the lawsuit, which was first obtained and viewed by the Daily Mail on Tuesday (February 27). The lawsuit, which was filed in Broward County, Florida, accuses Hill of being "humiliated" in front of friends and family after Hall knocked him down while participating in football drills.

“Unfortunately, after getting ‘humiliated’’ in front of friends and family when he was knocked backwards during a friendly football lesson by his friend Sophie Hall, Tyreek became enraged and forcefully and purposefully shoved Ms. Hall, severely fracturing her leg,” the lawsuit states.

Hall claimed Hill sent her "flirtatious" messages via Instagram after she enrolled her 10-year-old son in his football camp in May, flew her out to Florida and inviting her over to his mansion where the alleged incident occurred. Hill complimented Hall's son on how well he played as an offensive lineman before suggesting she practice the position and instructed her to get into a defensive line stance and rush him as if he were a quarterback, at which point she allegedly caused him to fall backward, which led to "laughter from the witnesses present at the time, including the defendant’s mother, sister, friend and trainer,” according to the lawsuit.

“Apparently embarrassed by his loss of stability as a result of contact by a woman during the ‘football play,’ Mr. Hill’s attitude changed and he became angry,” the suit stated. 

“Defendant Hill charged into her violently and with great force, resulting in significant and serious injuries,” the suit added. “The crushing force was so great that she sustained a right leg fracture, necessitating surgery with metal hardware implantation.”

Hill, a finalist for the Associated Press Offensive Player of the Year award, has dealt with several strange off-field incidents in recent months. The wide receiver was recently hit with two separate paternity suits in November, which occurred one month after getting married to his wife Keeta Vaccaro.

Hill's lawyer later filed a motion of divorce on his behalf before the All-Pro publicly denied his and Vaccaro's reported breakup.

Hill's Florida mansion caught fire in January, which investigators concluded was started by a child playing with a lighter in a bedroom.

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