Have You Ever Seen a Ghost? I Have...I Think

The "incidents" happened back in the mid 90's. My wife and I had just moved into an apartment in La Crescent MN. I started noticing things right away. There was a light on our entertainment center that would turn on and off by itself. There was nothing wrong with the lamp or outlet itself, that I noticed and it happened quite a bit. 

Then, the faucet in the kitchen sink would turn on and off by itself. The handle didn't move at all. Just the water turning on and off. Kind of weird.

But then I saw and heard something that kind of freaked me out. First, I had gotten home from work a little earlier than my wife and decided to lay down for a bit before she got home. As I'm laying there on the bed, I hear someone whisper, "Jeff" then a pause and then, "Jeff" again. I thought for sure it was my wife so I thought I'd wait for her to say it again, then jump up and scare her. Well, I heard it again. "Jeff." So I sat up quickly in the bed trying to scare her. Only, when I did, there was no one there. I was the only one in the apartment. I know I wasn't sleeping and I know what I heard and to this day, I can't explain it.

One final incident that I can't explain either. We had just gone to bed. I wasn't asleep yet and had heard a little noise in the hallway, outside the bedroom. I looked over to the door and saw a white "figure" with a baseball cap on, walk from the bedroom door to the bedroom closet door and disappear. Again, another thing I can't explain. Just weird. I mean, what did they want in the closet?!? Ha! I told this story on air once and someone called in and said, "I think your spooky stories can be attributed to 3 things: Bad electrical, bad plumbing and maybe some bad weed." HILARIOUS! 

All of those stories are true, by the way. Have YOU ever experienced a ghost? Let us know on our Facebook page.   

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