Randoms-Gucci Selling Grass Stained Jeans, Phone or Pet, Relieving Stress


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The holidays are coming …Gucci is selling grass stained jeans… for $770. You can also get some overalls that look you rolled around in the dirt ... for $1,400. (In the Know)

Who are these people? If you had to choose between your dog and your phone, you wouldn’t have to even think, you’d choose your dog. Right? Right?! Well, maybe not. According to a survey from SimpleTexting, 40% of participants said they would choose to be separated from their dog for a month instead of having to give up their phone for a month. Even scarier, 44% of people surveyed said they would give up seeing their significant other for a month if it meant keeping their phone with them at all times. (People)

Stressed? A 10-minute massage can cure that. A new study found that a 10-minute massage is enough to get rid of tension and get your body back in balance again.Now you just have to convince your significant other to give you that massage … which can also be stressful.

Go big at breakfast – scale it back at dinner …New research has found that there’s a link between eating too much at dinner and taking in more calories during the day and having a poorer diet overall. Seems it's best to eat your bigger meals earlier in the day, and keep it light for dinner. (EurekAlert)

Maybe it’s time to take your work outside …A new survey has found that office workers are more productive and in a better mood after spending time outdoors. Productivity improved by 45% after workers spent just a half-hour outside, and 63% said they felt better after spending time in fresh air. And this is interesting … 57% of managers surveyed said they thought their employees were more productive working from home. Because of that, 50% say they’re focusing on flexible schedules and encouraging staff to spend more time outside. (SWNS)

Talk about a good sport …A Spanish triathlete stopped just before the finish line to let another runner pass him and take third place. British triathlete James Teagle was on pace to finish third at the 2020 Santander Triathlon in Barcelona over the weekend, but missed a turn just meters from the finish. Diego Mentrida passed Teagle, but, after noticing his mistake, he stopped and allowed him to cross the finish line before him. "James deserved this medal,” Mentrida said. For his incredible sportsmanship, Mentrida was given an honorary third place finish by the triathlon’s organizers and was given the same $350 prize money as Teagle. (Insider)

Well here’s good news if you’re thinking about moving …to Mars. Scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia say avocados can be cryogenically frozen and taken to Mars. (Food & Wine)