Zombie Survival


Our Halloween event, complete with the walking dead! Pre-Sale is encouraged, not guaranteed spots at the door. People pre-booked are priority, after that it's first come first serve.

Start time is not absolute, but an educated guess. You will be put into the game as soon as the other team survives (or perishes) Please arrive 10 minutes early for check-in.


Call of Duty Zombies Live Action!

Back Story: You were surrounded by a large mass of zombies as a sole member of the Zombie Response Team rushed you to a nearby safe house. Before he was eaten he did manage to radio for help! Your objective is to hold the zombies at bay until rescue arrives. Protect the radio, it is your only means of survival! Zombies start slow with low hit points but will get faster and stronger each round you survive. You earn money for dispatching the zombies and you can use that money to buy extra ammunition and weapon upgrades too, just remember to choose wisely and use teamwork. It's the only means of survival. Once you get eaten (or if you survive) you will be joined onto the zombie side to destroy the next safehouse and spread the virus even further, NO SURVIVORS!

A liability waiver is built into the Terms of Agreement. All instruction, safety equipment, nerf guns, and darts will be supplied by Archery Addiction LLC. Questions, Comments, Concerns? (507) 722-2386

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