Couple Injured in Las Vegas Massacre Gets Free Wedding


They were spared in tragedy, and now they’re spending a lifetime in love.

Jordanne Barr and Jordan Adamczyk, who were in attendance at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival when a lone gunman opened fire from above the crowd, are getting married—for free!

According to a report from news station KBAK, the Fairy Godmother Foundation has announced it will cover the expenses of the Bakersfield, California couple’s big day.

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The Fairy Godmother Foundation was formed with the mission of providing free weddings for deserving couples.

Barr was among the more than 500 people injured in the mass shooting when she was hit in the arm with the bullet then entering her side. Her future husband dove on top of her to protect her from any more shots.

“You can’t really put yourself in that situation and think, ‘Oh someone would take a bullet for me,’ until that actually happens,” Barr said in an interview with the station.

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But the couple knows not everyone involved in the shooting got a happy ending.

“We are so incredibly thankful,” said Adamczyk. “We wanted to live for those that were not able to make it out of there, that's our goal, that is still what we are trying to do every day.” 


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