Teen's Dark TikTok Video Sheds Awareness About Abuse, Sparks Debate

Plenty of YouTube and TikTok stars create make-up videos. Whether they are demonstrating how to apply eye-liner or using cosmetics to turn themselves into some fantastical being, there are thousands of make-up clips out there. One, however, has just sparked quite a debate.

It's from a 16-year-old named Amber and in it, the teen uses make up to put some bruises on her face and chest. She then sings along to Lily Allen's song "Not Fair" as more bruises appear on her body. It's gotten over 200,000 likes but not everyone is loving it.

She captioned it, "#pov your friend is trying to convince you the bruises you spotted aren’t from her boyfriend," and explained to the BBC why she made it, saying, "The message of the video is don't ignore the signs of domestic abuse. If you have the slightest concern, bring it up with the person. I feel domestic abuse is something that should have more awareness."


#pov your friend is trying to convince you the bruises you spotted aren’t from her boyfriend. #fyp

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She's gotten supportive comments from her followers like, "This is so powerful. I'm going through this with a friend now who always makes excuses and brushes it off." Victims have also written, saying things like, "Thank you for doing this. I'm a survivor," and, "Been here, came out the other side." Amber responded to that one to say, "I'm sorry this has happened to you. But it shows how strong you are that you came out the other side."

However, other people think the video is in poor taste and doesn't belong on TikTok. Some also feel that the issue is too serious for "pretend" videos. One commenter stated, "This... is not the right way to raise awareness."

In response, Amber said, "I did not expect this to blow up and is not intended to trigger or [bring] back memories for survivors but more raise awareness about warning signs." She added, "I didn't want people to think the video meant any harm. It has a good message and was not created to gain popularity for myself."

It's also not the only domestic abuse awareness video Amber shared. She did others lip-syncing to Billie Eilish and Hobo Johnson.


#pov your best friend opens up to you about her ‘perfect’ relationship #acting #fyp #feature

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#pov she’s forced to send a video to her parents to prove she’s alive #acting #fyp #feature

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If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse, you can get help at thehotline.org or by calling 1-800-799-7233.

Photo: TikTok/MakeUpByAmber