Carly Pearce Gets Jaw-Dropping Stories When She Asks For The Tea On Exes

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Carly Pearce asked her social media followers to reveal the things their exes did (or, rather, didn’t) do. Pearce garnered every response from heartbreaking to jaw-dropping and everything in between.

“I did this earlier on my Instagram and saw SO many interesting responses. Wanted to see what y'all would say here…” Pearce wrote in a tweet on Wednesday (January 25). “Give me the tea on your exes… tell me What He Didn't Do...GO!”

Dozens of Twitter users spilled the tea, remembering some exes who didn’t take care of basic personal hygiene, who omitted the detail that they’d been to prison, that they’d cheated, that they’d ghosted instead of breaking up after a long relationship, and more. Pearce responded to some of them, deeming the exes’ actions “NOT COOL,” and dropping a few gifs to offer her support. Some of the commenters even referenced the lyrics of Pearce’s smash-hit heartbreak anthem, “What He Didn’t Do,” which seemed to inspire the eye-popping Twitter thread:

“I ain't gonna go and tell you what he did/ But I'll tell you what he didn't do/ Treat me right, put me first, be a man of his word/ Stay home 'cause he wanted to/ Always fight for my love, hold on tight like it's something/ That he couldn't stand to lose/ The devil's in the details, I won't tell the hell that he put me through/ All I know is in the end, it wasn't what he did/ No, it was what he didn't do”

Pearce has previously shared how “What He Didn’t Do” has resonated with tons of fans, who sing every lyric with her during live performances. She shared an emotional music video for the heartbreak ballad in October, marking the end of her 29: Written in Stone era as she turns her attention to new music. Pearce said at the time that “bringing [‘What He Didn’t Do’] to life this way feels like the perfect way to end my chapter of 29. Sometimes we weather the storms that life gives us and come out on the other side better than ever.”

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