Will Ferrell Reveals Which Conspiracy Theory He Believes 'Kinda Checks Out'

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Conspiracy theories can range anywhere from the silly to the strange, but some can hold more weight and be more believable than others. Even someone like Will Ferrell, who he admits isn't very "conspiratorial," can be swayed into believing a wild story.

The Anchorman actor appeared on Tuesday's (February 27) episode of the My Momma Told Me podcast, which "[dives] deep into the pocket of Black conspiracy theories," and revealed where he stands on certain conspiracies.

"I don't know if I'm that conspiratorial, but there are moments where I'm like, 'Hm, that seems like that could go this way.'" he told hosts Langston Kerman and David Gborie, before sharing the one sports-related theory he believes "kinda checks out."

The theory involves a famous baseball player, a record-setting streak, an alleged affair and a Hollywood star. Ferrell explained how he believes former Baltimore Orioles standout Cal Ripken Jr., who in 1995 broke Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive games played, had his streak helped along after suffering an unexpected injury.

"There was a point in his streak where he was getting towards the end where the game was called due to the electricity going out in the Baltimore baseball stadium," he said. "And they had to call the game. There was a power outage."

However, there is allegedly more to the story than a simple electrical failure.

"And the story is that Cal Ripken came home to find his wife cheating with Kevin Costner," Ferrell said, adding that the actor had been involved in multiple baseball films. "They had a fight, he hurt his hand, he's like 'I can't play tonight.' They're like, 'OK, what about the streak? I know, the power's out. Cut the lights.' And then they had a couple off days and it allowed the hand to heal up and the streak continued."

Ferrell's belief in the theory nearly came full circle, but he told Kerman and Gborie that he "blew it" when he ran into Costner several times during awards season and forgot to ask if the story is true, though he did acknowledge that it would be a "weird" way to start a conversation.

The trio then discussed who would have won in a fight between the MLB star and Dances with Wolves actor before Ferrell declared "there's no way that [Ripkin] doesn't win" seeing as he was a professional athlete and Costner an actor.

Check out the full episode to hear more about Ferrell's thoughts on different conspiracies, corndogs, ranch dressing and riding horses as well as some truly hilarious answers to fun questions.

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