Like The Movie 'Speed 2'...Cruise Ship Crash Caught On Camera: 4 Angles!

Four people were injured after a cruise ship plowed into a tourist boat and a dock on the busy Giudecca Canal in Venice, Italy! It lost control as it was coming in to dock Sunday, crashing into the wharf and hitting a tourist boat that still had passengers on board. People are seen fleeing in panic as it crashes, horn blowing as onlookers ran down the dock.

The accident has renewed calls to limit the ships allowed to dock in Venice, a tremendously popular site for both tourists and cruise ships, especially during the summer tourist season.

The ship’s owner said the vessel was about to dock at a passenger terminal in Venice when it had a mechanical problem. Tugboats guiding the cruise ship into Venice tried to stop it, but they were unable to prevent it from ramming into the other boat.