Want a Free Yeti Tumbler? Come and Get It

I've got a Yeti cup and a couple "knock-offs" at home. They each do the same thing. Coffee stays hot for quite a while in all of them. As for beer, I don't need it to stay cold for long. It's not like I'm going to leave it sitting around to get warm. I mean, c'mon...It's BEER! 

So all week, I've been puzzled by this Yeti (or knock off) that's been sitting in our parking lot. We're right next to Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill (I recommend the sliders and a cold beer) So, I like to think that someone had this full of beer and may have just misplaced it and it ended up in our lot. Or, perhaps this poor tumbler is a victim of Yeti boycott.

Whatever the case, there's a free Yeti (or knock off) tumbler in our parking lot.

Just sitting there...waiting...

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