A New Way To Grill BBQ Chicken

We cook over the fire as much as we can, when we go camping. This past weekend was no different. The usual fair; hot dogs, burgers, chicken, etc. There's something about cooking your dinner over an open fire. 

My sister-in-law decided SHE was going to cook the chicken this time. So, of course, a few beers in, we said "Sure!" She proceeded to put the chicken on the grill. It seemed to take a while to cook but it was getting there. Then, she pulls out a sauce pan and puts butter in it and leaves it on the corner of the grill to melt. I wasn't sure what was up but, I didn't care. 

About half way through the grilling process, she took the now melted butter and poured it on the chicken. I had never seen or done that before and I thought, "Well, that's weird." Turns out it was some of the best grilled chicken I had ever had. The butter made the chicken tender and certainly gave it a great taste. I'm sure I'm probably alone in this and that people have been doing this for a long time but this is the first time I had seen it done and will definitely do it when I grill chicken.

If you haven't tried it, it's a must. In fact, I'm sure we'll be cooking up some more BBQ chicken this Memorial Weekend.

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