Who Has the Best Coffee in Rochester?

I'm not sure exactly what kind of coffee they have here at the station. I can tell you that it is terrible. Not good at all. It's bitter and weak at the same time. Some people here seem to love it. I think it's probably because they haven't had good coffee in so long.

The first week I was here, I drank the coffee but it got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore. I would sometimes make my coffee at home but a lot of times, I'd forget to make it the night before to brew the next morning. So, I would stop at Kwik Trip (my go to coffee place now) and grab a good ol' cup of the Columbian. That's good stuff but I'm looking for something different. 

I've never tried Starbucks. I've always thought it was a little pricey. Do you have a favorite coffee place in town that's reasonable? Get a certain coffee you get every morning? I can certainly go without but prefer not to. People say, "You get the same amount of energy from eating an apple as you do a cup of coffee." but it's not the same. I crave coffee in the mornings. 

Where is YOUR favorite place to go for coffee in Rochester?

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