Rochester Filmmakers Release New (Creepy) Short Film

Local Filmmakers at Shattered Prism Studios in Rochester, have released a new short called "Molly", just in time for Halloween.

It starts off innocent enough. A father making breakfast for his son. Trying to wake him up at the same time, so he can make it to the bus. But then it gets a little creepy. I don't want to give to much away. Just watch. For best effect, turn all the lights off. You can watch their latest, below.

Shattered Prism Studios is no stranger to strange and creepy films. A few years ago, they released "Absence" that delves into ghosts and the paranormal. Another, called "Eclipse" follows a woman name Gwen, "A seeker of strange and magical stones... traverses a mystical forest on a day of exploration. As the day wears on she comes across the find of a life time, only to be met by something she never expected..."

There's so much more on their YouTube page. Make sure to "subscribe" to their page to get updates on future projects and while you're there, check out their submission for the "Doritos Crash the Super Bowl" ad.

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