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Idol Finalist Megan Danielle She Wants "Some Real Cheese Dip" At Home

The first thing American Idol's Megan Danielle said she is doing in Douglasville when she gets home: "I'm goin to Monterey's to get some real cheese dip with jalapenos".

Megan just a few short months ago was a server at the same restaurant as her mothers, now she's in the American Idol Top 3 and starting her music career. She was so "happy" to be home and get to see all her family and friends in Douglasville, GA this week. She's filming her Hometown Hero segments for the Sunday finale of American Idol.

Before her big celebration and concert in her hometown, she stopped in with the idol filming crew to chat with Moote, Kimmie, and Otis about her time on Idol, the toughest moments (almost losing her voice, what it's like to hit instant fame and the first place she's taking her friends and Idol crew in Douglasville.

Megan is ecstatic about releasing her very first single ever to the world on Friday (the 19th). The song is called "Dream Girl" and is an ode to all the little girls with big dreams. It challenges them to reach for them with everything they have and believe in yourself.

Here is a clip:

Megan stays very close to her Christian roots by saying "I just believe that's how God works", when speaking about her sudden rise to the spotlight. She said she just wants to be a vessel for getting His word out and praising Him.

VOTE for her this Sunday night at 8E/7C on ABC! Let's help her bring home the win for GA. Look for Moote, Kimmie, And Otis on the episode as well!

Listen to the full interview:

MKO with Megan Danielle of American Idol

Photo: iHeart Atlanta/MKO

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