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Mermaid Shannon Of NetFlix's "MerPeople" Life Of A Real Traveling Mermaid

Mermaid Shannon In Action

Photo: iHeart/Atlanta

MKO has been obsessed with the "MerPeople" community featured in the Netflix docuseries "MerPeople" and Otis knows one of them. Mermaid Shannon has been making a living as a Mermaid for many years now and was on the new Netflix series "MerPeople". She says, "trying to not drown and stay pretty and natural while doing it, is the hardest part".

Shannon say losing her job as a news anchor and trying to be creative for making income is what started her career in the Mer-World. Now she travels with a group of MerPeople called Circus Siren Pod to different conventions and events. She does birthday parties and private aquarium shows as well. She says that when she first tried it out, she realized that it "covered up places I didn't like, like my stomach and my booty, and I felt really magical".

Shannon said that she loves every bit of being a Mermaid except some of the "Merverts". Those are the "Dads that stare at you" and say things like "hey, you know real mermaids were probably topless?".

Kids get a bit curious as well. Shannon said, "the kids are always climbing on me and then pulling on my shells [the bra]" to see what's underneath. She and her friends tried making some spikey-er "more repellant" tops but it seemed to just make the curiosity stronger.

Listen to the full hilarious interview with our friend Mermaid Shannon:

(Video coming soon)

Shannon said she was never really a fan of the animated "Little Mermaid" but she was "more a 'Splash' person". (the 80's movie with Tom Hanks & Daryl Hannah)

Here is the trailer for the Nexflix Series "MerPeople". Shannon is in episode 2 briefly.

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