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Usher Talks Favorite Atlanta Spots

The Atlanta music legend and King of R&B Usher stopped into The OShow to talk about all his favorite ATL spots, his legacy and even saves Otis from the Doghouse.

His newest album came out in February called "Coming Home". It's an ode to his home town Atlanta. Usher has so many accolades including 8 Grammys, 9 albums, 30 years of owning R&B, one of the biggest selling worldwide artists of all time and most watched Superbowl halftime show ever. In the end, it's his passion, love for others and helping others he wants to be remembered for.

Usher recently got married and said his new wife Jennifer has a pet peeve of him "not putting the toilet set down" but he's got one too.

Listen to a candid chat with the GOAT now:

Usher also played The Fast 5 game:

Fave ATL spot

Thing He Nerds Out On

Fave Country to Tour

Blast From The Past

Go To Karaoke Song

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