Top Activities with Highest Lightening Risk

Be careful about lightning if you'll be outside more this summer. It's pretty rare to be killed by it though. Only about 420 people have died from lightning in the U.S. in the past 15 years. And close to half of those happened during just 10 different activities. Here are the outdoor activities with the highest risk . . .

1. Fishing. 10% of all the deadly lightning strikes were people fishing.

2. Being at the beach, 6%.

3. Camping, 5%.

4. Farming or ranching, 5%.

5. Riding a bike, motorcycle, or ATV, 5%.

6. Being out on a boat, 4%.

7. Social gatherings outdoors, 4%.

8. Walking to or from your home, 4%.

9. Working on a roof, 4%.

10. Other types of construction, 3%. 

Soccer and yardwork just missed the top ten. 

(Fox News/Lightning Safety Council)