Lunchbox 'Spills The Tea' On Amy Shopping During The Show

Lunchbox Spill Tea On Amy

Lunchbox loves to 'Spill The Tea' on other members of The Bobby Bones Show whenever he gets a chance. He recently wanted to really spill the tea on Amy after he caught her in the act doing something she is always being accused of.

During The Bobby Bones Show, everyone has computers in front of them working on various things to contribute to the show. The two people though who talk the most are Bobby and Amy, and Amy is typically on her computer often during the show despite Bones asking her to pay attention a lot of the time. During a recent show, Lunchbox snapped a photo of Amy with her credit card laid out in front of her as if she was shopping while the live show was going on.

Amy defended herself saying she pays attention, but Bones and Lunchbox ended up on the same side saying Amy should pay attention more often.

Photo: Getty Image

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