Best Bits: Raymundo Talked To His Twin & Morgan Has Fun News To Share

Happy Weekend! Lots of personal stories on this episode. Raymundo talked to his twin after years of not speaking, and Morgan shared details about her new podcast. Raymundo shares life in the country stories and how his Chas Matthew truck is doing. Morgan is fascinated with a billionaire wedding. Ending with some random listener rapid fire questions.

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What's God Got To Do With It? A Woman's Guide To Food & Body Freedom (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: We are so excited to bring you the first official crossover series of the "What’s God Got To Do With It?" and Outweigh podcasts. 

If you have been listening to Outweigh, you know that THAT podcast is all about helping women break themselves out of the food and body prison, end the dieting madness, and take control of their health for good, but without all that restriction, obsession, and shame…and without dragging it out for years to address it. 
And if you’ve been listening to "What’s God Got To Do With It?", you know that it's all about the fusion of where science meets Faith and where faith meets transformation and miracles. 

So this crossover series is a beautiful opportunity to talk about the crossover of where science meets food…& body image… & self image struggles…AND where THAT intersects FAITH (or what’s God got to do with allll of that?)

And that’s exactly what this 6 part series is all about:

Part 1 is an introduction and setting up this massive topic.

Part 2 is all about the big picture of where faith meets science meets food & body image.

Part 3 goes deep into the self image and identity that you need to actually step into the version of you that would have THAT health, that would have THAT relationship with food and her body, who would actually be at peace and feel free….…and of course how that fuses with this faith-brain conversation.

Part 4 dives deeper into What God has to do with (what Leanne calls) your ‘food brain’ and disordered eating patterns, and filling voids in your head, heart, and spirit with food (or whatever your drug of choice is)…and it’s a hole that will never be filled by those things.

Part 5 dives into the complicated relationship that women have with their bodies and their body image (and physical pain – a topic often avoided), and how to heal all of that from a faith-meets-science perspective.... AND invite God into the conversation.

And then wrapping it up in part 6, we get into the strategy side of things. As in, what does it look like to use what you’ve learned about neuroscience and faith and healing your relationship with food and your body image to go create a winning game plan that sets you up to win AND one that your brain just learns so you can go live your life, food can be food, and you can feel comfortable in your skin and free from the chains of restricting or punishing your body.  

So let’s dive in! Enjoy Part 1.

HOST: Leanne Ellington // // @leanneellington

To learn more about re-wiring your brain to heal from the all-or-nothing diet mentality for good....but WITHOUT restricting yourself, punishing your body, (and definitely WITHOUT ever having to use words like macros, low-carb, or calorie burn) check out Leanne's FREE Stressless Eating Webinar @

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Good News And Bad News: Which Do You Want First?

In this episode Ray and Lunchbox have some bad news and some good news so you have to decide which you want first. Lunchbox told a little lie to his son on his birthday and now his son is spreading lies around town. Also Lunchbox now knows what it feels like to be a Dallas Cowboys fan or any other team that just can't figure out how to win. Ray loses steam halfway through the podcast and we read a few emails from Sore Losers Nation. 

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Fri Full Show: Should Concerts Not Allow Phones? + Morgan Relationship Update

We debate if concerts should allow no phones, hear our thoughts! Plus, find out how Morgan's relationship is going with some big updates and more!

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Snapshots of a Generation: Henry Diltz's Rock & Roll Time Capsule

Join @thebuzzknight for a walk in Studio City California with the legendary photographer Henry Diltz. Henry has snapped photos of some of the most iconic figures in music history and is known for taking photos that turned out as iconic album covers. Some of Henry's greatest shots include the first Crosby, Stills, Nash first album, The Eagles first album and The Doors Morrison Hotel.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions share them at

Connect with Buzz on Twitter @TheBuzzKnight and Instagram @takinawalkpodcast.

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25W: Bobby Feuds with Someone on Instagram + Oregon Head Coach Dan Lanning From Eugene + The Latest Update from the WSOP Investment

After posting some content of his bench press on his visit to the University of Oregon, Bobby gets into a feud with someone on Instagram because they questioned the weight he was putting up. Plus, Oregon head football coach, Dan Lanning sat down with Bobby & Eddie to talk about his career journey, why he thinks everyone should work in the service industry, and much more! And Bobby gives an update on his investment into Nate Forrest who played in the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas. 


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Thurs Part 2: Things We're Taking A Break From + Song Opening Line Winner!

We share things in our life that we're taking a break from and for how long. Plus, find out who won the draft for best opening line of a song and more!

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Thurs Part 1: Mason Ramsey Is On! + Elder vs. Millennial!

Mason Ramsey is in the studio with us! He talks about life after being a viral sensation, how he ended up on the new Twisters movie soundtrack and his new album and tour! Plus, we play another round of Elder vs. Millennial and more!

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Is It a Red Flag If He Doesn't Like Dogs or Cats? with Dr. Josie Horchak

Dr. Josie Horchak is Amy's guest today and they talk about everything from relationships (what couples fight about on vacation) to acupuncture (for humans & dogs!) to setting boundaries around 'work talk' to Josie knowing after just one month of dating that she was going to marry her boyfriend (now husband) & so much more!

Check out Dr. Josie's new podcast: In the Vet's Office with Dr. Josie Horchak. She helps listeners navigate pet ownership and shares interesting cases that she's seen in her 18+ year career as a veterinarian.

HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Dr. Josie Horchak // @drjosievet

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