Bobby Retires "Win Bobby's Money" After 'Suits' Ruined It

For weeks now, The Bobby Bones Show has had a fun specialty segment where Bobby Bones finally got to participate in a game. Typically he hosts all the games for Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Morgan2, and Raymundo to compete in. The game is called "Win Bobby's Money" and Bobby competes in trivia against a listener that calls into the show. If the listener wins, they get all the cash in Bobby's wallet.

Each week we've played the game, Bones continued his undefeated streak against listeners. He kept all of his money and listeners lost out not only on cash, but meet & greets at upcoming Raging Idiots shows.

There was some controversy recently over the game, and it turns out the 'suits' aka our big bosses didn't think the game was as legal friendly as it should be. They told our producers to put some more restrictions on it and not allow certain states to play, amongst other rules. Bones didn't like that it went from a fun, friendly game to something he had to start doing a certain way. So he deemed Wednesday, June 19th's "Win Bobby's Money" the last one he would play and then the game would retire.

Bones retired the segment as an undefeated champion.

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