TMSG: Taco Bell Employees Rushed To Help Elderly Man In Drive-Thru

Taco Bell employees are being praised for their good deed after they ran out to help an elderly, disabled man whose car ran out of gas in the drive-thru. The three employees - Issac, Caleb and Jessica - dropped what they were doing to push the man's car into a parking spot. Not only did they push his car into a spot, but they made sure to find a shaded spot that wasn't the most easily accessible for them just so he would be comfortable.

Caleb said he noticed the man was wearing hospital bracelets and one of them said "fall risk" so he wanted to make sure the man was seated and comfortable.

Meanwhile, Jessica took her own car to drive to a nearby gas station to get gas for the man's car so he wasn't stuck any longer. The man expressed his sincerest gratitude for the employees and Taco Bell Corporate Representatives even reached out to say thank you.

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