Bobby Bones Show Does Photo Shoot For First Time in 7 Years

The Bobby Bones Show had their first photoshoot in 7 years and some drama went down! 

The photos were taken so they could be used for sales and to update the shows social media pages. They did solo shots of everyone then some pictures of just Bobby Bones and Amy and then some with the original members that included Lunchbox, and Eddie. Then, they got shots with everyone on the show, who are equally important but aren’t on-air as much. Then, Scuba took himself and Abby out of the shots.  

The pictures will be used for a long time, so Scuba approached them with a business mindset. He looked at who was the most important on the show and made sure they got pictures together. Then, the people who have been on the show the longest got pictures together that didn’t include Scuba or Abby.  

Bones is helping Scuba achieve goals for his future, so he understood why he took himself out of some of the group pictures, but thought it was weird he made Abby leave too. Abby did think it was odd that she was left out of the group photos and took it as a sign that she might be let go from the show soon. Bones assured her that is not the case and that she is important and valuable to the show. Scuba agreed and said his decisions on who was and wasn’t included were just business and what made the most sense to release to the public.  

Bones left during the middle of the shoot while they were taking pictures. He explained that he was told he had to be there for 90 minutes, which worked with his busy schedule. He had a call with the CFO that was previously scheduled, along with other meetings so he had a hard out for the photoshoot. While getting his photos taken, he was constantly updating the photographer with how much time he had left before he had to leave. Then when the time was up, he left in the middle of the session. Bones learned that in situations like that, direct communication is the best way to get what you want done. The photographer told him to do certain poses and he told them no because he knew he wasn’t going to like the way they looked and wouldn’t use them, so he didn’t want to waste anyone's time.  

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